Hallo Steffen:

Thank you for your efforts on displaying Obhausen on the WWW. My grandfather was born in Johannis Obhausen in 1880 and immigrated to America in 1901. His grandmother was geb Kuckenburg. I have visited Obhausen and am always trying to learn more about the village and its heritage. The Stange Family home where my grandfather was born is located in Str der Jugend and is still occupied by part of my family. I have other family living in Jenny Marx Siedlung and also in Bahnhofstr.

I am hoping you can understand my English. I am trying to learn German and would like to visit Obhausen once more in my life after I am able to speak your language.

Also you may be interested to know that we have a Dr. med Haegele here in Grass Valley, California where we live. He is a specialist in the care of the eye.

Mit freudlichen Gruß

Roger Stange

Grass Valley, California, USA